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406                                       PABGANA
of IB bighas. It has yielded a large supply of massive slabs of block kankar,
•which Lave seryed as materials for constructing the basement story of several
of the houses in the bazar. Some late Jaini sculptures, representing each a cen-
tral seated figure with minor accessories, have also been exhumed ; I removed
to Mathura and placed in the museum there .one of the most characteristic.
Outside the town near Fanna Lai's indigo factory is a raised terrace, now sacred •
to Bhadra Kali Mata, which also is partly constructed of kankar blocks, and on
the top of it are placed a great number of late Jaini figures with part of the
large SmMmn on which the principal idol had been seated. Here a buffalo is
offered in sacrifice at the Dasahara festival. In the suburbs of the town are
some 12 or 13 mango orchards with small temples and Bairagis' cells, and in a
field by itself a large square domed building, of more architectural pretensions,
which commemorates a Thakur window's self-immolation. The lower part of
the walls at each of the four corners has been almost dug through for the sake
of the bricks, and unless repaired the I whole must shortly fall. The town is
administered under Act XX. of 185 6.